Sunday, June 14, 2009

Me and the Key Review

Heavy Weapons was awful. It was Boxhead but replaced with machines. Nothing fantastic about that game. What many players probably did not expect that other games in different genres can have the same fate.

Me and the Key involves you finding a key to go to the next level. It's a simple concept and easy for players to grasp. However, it all depends on the developers' creative juice. However, the juice seemed to have expired a long time ago before it was actually used. The puzzles don't feel like it's well-thought out and the game can actually be done in one go without stopping to save.

An odd thing about this game that it has some physical reactionary-like tests. Breakout was an awesome game at its time but it became a cliched staple for games with very little minigames. It's ok to put it once but disappointing to put it twice in the game.

The most frustrating level is level 25. It isn't a puzzle and you don't even see the key come out. Laptop users will really need an optical mouse for this level. This level is the most mind-boggling levels of all because a puzzle game should not have a game that needs your physical reactions.

Graphics aren't spectacular or anything. It's simple but plain boring.

This game is an utter bore to the very core of games. Players will be dumbfounded if they thought that it will be in par with other button games. The game design isn't well-thought and people will only play the game just to get the card and the medium badge. It will not be a game missed by players.


Anonymous said...

"Simple, but boring."

Those where the exact words I was thinking as I played the game. Very good review and outlook at the game.

piro said...

The ME and the KEY game is absolutely brilliant, creative and renewing, unlike your reviewing qualities.