Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mass Effect 2 Quest

Recently a new quest has been added to Kongregate, it's the Mass Efect 2 Quest and it's sponsored by the game with the same name. To win the Assemble Your Team medal you must win six different badge. And at KCG we thought you'd like a bit of help for each badge required to win.

Upperclassman Badge (Elona Shooter)
This is a medium badge and it requires to reach level 10 of Elona Shooter (meaning your character to be at level 10, not the game's 10th level). To reach that level, this is what we recommend you to do: Step 1: play the game in the Casual Mode difficulty, which is the easiest. Step 2: at the beginning you can either be Rogue, Hunter, Sheriff or Militia, well, choose Hunter which is the best. Step 3: at the end of every day go to the Inn and use 3 AP to have dinner which will give you more experience if you complete the next level. Now, that's enough to start beating levels and you'll earn the badge soon.

AMU Learner's Permit Badge (Cube Colossus)
This badge is easy and it requires to do a combo of 15,000 points and then you must complete the level. This badge is quite easy to win so all it requires is to know how to play and play it.

Short Circuit Badge (Electric Box)
This badge is also an easy one. It requires you to complete the first four levels of Electric Box. If you need help in any of them click this which will help you in all levels.

Mortal Strikes Badge (Rage 3)
This one's also classified as an easy badge and the only thing it requires to earn it is kill thirty enemies. This badge is very easy and it really doesn't require much help. If you need help, just read which are the controls...

Training Day Badge (Tactical Assassin 2)
This badge in Tactical Assasin 2 is an easy badge too. It requires you to complete the first mission. If you have any problem, click this which will help you with the first mission of the game.

Party of Five Badge (The Last Stand 2)
This badge is medium and it requires you to find other four survivors of the zombie attack. After every day go look for urvivors in your current town or city and while playing make sure they don't go close to the other survivors. Don't forget to give the other survivors good weapons!

This guide to this quest has ended, but remember to achieve this medal before the 1st of February!

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