Friday, December 14, 2007

Challenge 40: Mothers Against Dishonorable Disintegration

The latest card challenge has been released! Ashi appears to be the fifth amazon character, her presence confirms the addition of new characters to the original card sets.

You can find a link to the COCAK guide here.

RECENT UPDATES: Added Ashi to the Amazon card set.


hipcheck said...

why would you add to the set when you just started another one that only has one card? i dont really care just curios. thank you so much for all your work and bringing this exciting new feature to kongregate. it really spices things up. when it comes out that is.

r3p3nt said...

Hello hipcheck, I am not the one that decides what cards are released, I merely report (in addition to other Kongai related info)on which cards Kongregate releases.

r3p3nt said...

Just to make it more clear, I am in no way affiliated with Kongregate, I am just a blogger that is trying to bring a useful site to the community that deals with Kongai.

hipcheck said...

No. i know that i was trying to say that to those that do. Considering this is like the official website for the cards. I think