Monday, January 6, 2014

Alter Ego [Parallel Levels Review]

          You ever try to draw the number six with your hand and make clockwise circles in the air with your leg at the same time? As weird as that may sound, Parallel Levels by Komizart will bring you that same feeling as to when you try to heavily multitask- But in a much more enjoyable way! Control your character, or rather characters, in this multitasking puzzle platformer as you navigate through the course(s) in order to reach the end(ings). You see, as the game progresses you will control more and more characters in their own separate levels, but as you control one character it affects them all. While one action in one section of the level may result in victory, you may very well end up facing a certain demise on another section of the level. Get ready to put your thinking caps on because this game will have you scratching your head in each level of this exciting new adventure.
          I had my doubts when I initially clicked on this game, I'm not going to lie. It only has slightly over 200 plays, and the developer's preloader in the beginning looked a little tacky. But then I noticed that this game was sponsored by Armor Games which means this game HAD to be of an at least decent quality. After all of the preloaders and what-not I was immediately sucked into this game. The very driving music started as I begun the first level and I found this game incredibly fun from the get-go. Any game that gets my attention so quickly isn't exactly your average flash game, I knew this game was going to be something special.

          After a few levels I already found the challenge in this game and I happily accepted that challenge. As you collect stars and complete levels you gain access to the next world (there's 3 worlds) where a new challenge awaits. I found the third world to be my favorite because it integrated the mechanic of portals into the gameplay, which is is always very fun. I'm actually still playing this game to this moment as some of the later levels are quite challenging. Be ready to play this game for a while if you're as bad of a gamer as me!

          This game is just full of rich mechanics which creates a fluent gaming experience as a whole. I can tell the developer also spent quite a bit of time polishing this game out, and his hard work payed off. Nothing in this game goes unnoticed to me-- the work for everything in this game is there and I can greatly appreciate it all. If I had to describe this game I would describe it as a "Unique combination of 'Meat Boy', 'Portal', and 'Multitask'."

          Artwork and music are fantastic, nothing there that really bothered me. I liked the very retro feeling to the artwork even though it was done in a more modern style. As mentioned earlier, the music was what really sucked me into this game and kept me playing it. The tune is very driving, light, and fun overall. It repeats but I really didn't find it annoying. I also appreciate the fact that the music is kept at it's original audio quality, which sounds great if you have yourself a good pair of speakers/headphones.
          Some games have "deal breakers" for me, but not this one. I had a well-polished, fun, and unique gaming experience that I would rate at a 4.5/5. It's hard to tell where this game's actual rating will sit since it's still new, but I have no doubt that it will perform well. This was a great challenge as a whole and I can truly appreciate everything the developer has done to make this game as beautiful as it is. Definitely going to play this again and I would certainly recommend it.