Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Various News

I have several different things to talk about today, and first up is a response from Jim Greer to my previous post speculating about certain areas of the card game. Jim replied to my question on the different dot layouts saying:
Hey guys -

The dots are to choose close or long range. The two dots close together means "go close", the two far apart means "go far". The blank one means "pass" - you do that because trying to change range takes energy.

Both people choose a range. If they choose the opposite from each other, nothing happens (but both lose energy). If one chooses to change range, and the other doesn't, or if they choose the same, the range changes.

Some attacks only work at one range, so this is pretty important.

Both players declare range at the same time, so there's a guessing game about it, like Rock, Paper Scissors, kind of. A lot of the game is psychological.

It's fun, too.
Thanks for the response Jim, we appreciate it. It sounds like Sirlin has done a good job of implementing his thoughts on good RPS Strategy.

Moving on, the Kongregate Card Game will be demoed on the floor of PAX. I was going to be going to PAX this year, but will be on a trip to Hawaii (poor me) instead. Since I won't be able to attend, if anyone could stop by the demo and share with us a rundown on the game and their experiences with it at PAX I would really appreciate it.

Finally, rumor has it that the Kongregate Card Game will be named "Kongai". Any chance we could get an official word on this?

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