Friday, August 31, 2007

Challenge #24: Deflector Protector

COCAK has posted up another guide to getting the most recent card. However I found another potential path to getting the card while playing. I had been saving my money and putting all bonus points into interest. I would save the game after every round, but eventually died from not having any upgrades. I then found out that after reloading the score is reset to zero. :( This was a minor issue Ihowever, as it becomes incredibly easy to gain points in later levels. After continuing on I easily managed to defeat the challenge even though I had been spending almost no money and died another time. Eventually due to high interest and frugal spending I was able to generate huge amounts of money and easily clear levels in seconds. Anyway the important lesson is that if you do die, you do not necessarily have to start over on a new game. Merely load up from where you died and try the level again.

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