Monday, August 13, 2007

Card Game Screenshot

Greg from the Kongregate forums posted up a screen shot of the card game in it's early stages. You can see the screenshot that was posted below.

Finally we are able to see some of the "hidden" information that the cards have, and can gain some insight into how the game will work. In particular I would like to speculate on a couple particular aspects of the screenshot. The following is purely wild speculation and could be entirely wrong, and as such I would like to hear what you think these aspects of the game are.

Use the above image to reference the particular spots I am referring to. For number One (1) I have very little idea as to what the three different "dot layouts" are. This is the one I am most interested in as it appears each attack uses the second two dot layouts.

Number Two (2) shows what I believe is either the speed or energy cost of the attack Number Three (3) is the most obvious in that it looks to be the damage that the attack inflicts.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the screenshot? Let's see just how wrong we can all be by the time the game releases. :)


FRAGM3NT said...

Its looking good, oh and a tidbit of news for you the game is probably going to be called Kongai =]

oh and I'll link you and even write you your very own news post on COCAK

r3p3nt said...

Awesome, thanks! I will probably rename the blog once the name is confirmed, thanks for the heads up.

Jim Greer said...

Hey guys -

The dots are to choose close or long range. The two dots close together means "go close", the two far apart means "go far". The blank one means "pass" - you do that because trying to change range takes energy.

Both people choose a range. If they choose the opposite from each other, nothing happens (but both lose energy). If one chooses to change range, and the other doesn't, or if they choose the same, the range changes.

Some attacks only work at one range, so this is pretty important.

Both players declare range at the same time, so there's a guessing game about it, like Rock, Paper Scissors, kind of. A lot of the game is psychological.

It's fun, too.

r3p3nt said...

Wow! Thanks for the information. Sounds like a very cool system.