Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Take Something Literally - A Literal Walkthrough

          Take Something Literally is a great game in which the rules are simple. Take every hint that you are given literally, no exceptions. This wonderful combination of simplicity and abstract thinking is great on its own, but it is further appreciated due to the fact that this game also has a badge to boot.

This is a Badge: Medium (15 points) - Complete 10 puzzles.

The badge is easy to get and the game is great. What else can I say? Well, I can give you a walkthrough I guess. ;)

Level 1: To remove
There will be a block in the middle of the game that says 'to remove' on it. Simple enough. Click and drag it outside of the game box.

Level 2: Read that
You are met with a blank screen (other than the "Read that" heading). Move your cursor around in the game box until you see your cursor change into the 'word highlight' tool you normally see in Word or Notepad. When you see this cursor, click and drag backwards until you see the hidden message, "Hit spacebar 10 times". Do just that.

Level 3: Do that
For this level, you will see the word 'click' twice. The click on the right is circled. Right click and click the option in the pull down bar that says "Just here! ;)".

Level 4: Switch the light
You are shown a lock with a flashing light above it. This picture is referring to caps lock... toggle yours on and off a few times.

Level 5: Dodge
To begin the level, click the button that says "start". Go around the black area and outside of the game box in order to click the button "push".

Level 6: Before start
For the first time you boot this level, note where the "safezone" appears. Next time you load the level, it will have rotated clockwise to the next corner. As soon as you select this level, go to the corner where the safezone is supposed to be.

Level 7: Don't trust
Hey, the level title is "don't trust", so let's not trust the game. When you click "start" go towards the ":)" button, your cursor doesn't seen to obey and holds back. Do not mind where the graphic of your cursor is going though. Keep going towards the ":)" button slowly until you see its blue outline. Then click.

Level 8: My URL
Copy and paste the URL into your address bar. Click the 'special space' that you will see on the right side of the game in the new URL game. **There have been reports of this level not working... if it doesn't save, just move on.

Level 9: Too far from me
The text is very small... isn't there a way to fix that? Right click and click the "Zoom In" option from your scroll down menu until you can read the text. It says, "Hit spacebar 10 times and the enter key 10 times". Do that. **Right click again and click "Show All" to zoom back out. ;)

Level 10: Get out
Quick! Refresh the page before the bomb explodes! Go back to this level after you have refreshed the page.

Level 11: Brighter
If you can't already see the code, I'll just tell you. The code is, "xcvbn". Type it on your keyboard and you will pass the level.

Level 12: Louder
Turn your volume up. Or just press your up, down, left, and right arrow keys, in that order.

Level 13: Wheel
This level shows you a rotating wheel. Use the wheel on your mouse to scroll up and down your page really fast. Otherwise, click and drag with your scroll mouse to drag the page. If you can't seem to do it, just skip this level.

Level 14: Smoother
As soon as you load this level you see undistinguishable letters. There is an easy solution, I assure you. Right click and hover over the "Quality" option on your scrollbar. Change your quality to "High". You will then see, in the midst of random letters, "ClickTwentyTimes". Do that.

Level 15: First!
No, you do not have to post a comment with "First!" in it. Go down to the description of the game and read it through. You will find this, word for word. "first password: nicegame". Type "nicegame".

Level 16: Candle
If you have a microphone, allow Kong access to it and blow into the mic. Otherwise, type "blow" on your keyboard.

Level 17: My corners
Click the four corners of the game box, not the corners of the picture of a rectangle! You will see your cursor change when you are over the corners of the game box. **The corners are REALLY close to the edge. Make sure you go really slowly over the area.

Level 18: Circle me
To start, click "start". Draw a circle (while holding your mouse down!) around the game box. If you are anything close to a circle, you will pass the level. **Hold down the mouse as soon as you click the "start" button or else you will get an immediate "Game Over".

Level 19: Green Light, Red Light
When the light is green, move your mouse crazily around the screen. When the light turns red, stop. You may have to go through a few phases of "Red Light, Green Light" before this works. Keep at it though. **If you have a webcam, have a blast! Move when the light is green, stop when the light is red. Same as with the mouse. ;)

Level 20: Fully Loaded
An annoying level, but a level nonetheless. Refresh the page multiple times and keep coming back to this level until the battery is full. You will have to refresh a minimum of 4 times. **The level will keep popping up after the "Agree and Start" screen until you beat the level.

Levels 21 + 22: Ping and Pong (Respectively)
These two levels are one in the same. Open the "Ping" level in one browser, and the "Pong" level in another. when the ball bounces from the "Ping" level to the "Pong" level and back again, you will see the "Sucess" screen.

Level 23: It's already too late!
When the level starts, you will see a sign that says "CLOSED" on it. No worries. Change your system time to any time earlier in the day and you will pass the level.

Level 24: Paste!
This level shows a clipboard image with small text on it. Zooming just shows you that it says "Not on this clipboard". It's a hint. Press ctrl+c (apple+c for our mac users), and ctrl+v (again, apple+v) it into Word or notepad or whatever you have handy. You will find the secret password "ofcourse". Type it on your keyboard.

Level 25: On the paper
Print the image out, and if you can't, the password is simply "theend".

Well, I hope you enjoyed this overly explicit walkthrough of Take Something Literally. Please comment, as I enjoy feedback and I am always looking for ways to make my typing skills... uh... better. Thanks!


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Fantastic walk through, dude!

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