Friday, September 19, 2008

Walkthrough: Planet Defender - Apocalypse Mode (13 Easy Steps)

          Well for my first walkthrough here on KCCG, I'll be covering Planet Defender in Apocalypse Mode. I first wrote this guide up on the Kongregate forums (Link) and it seemed to help many people.
          The base strategy was devised by Phyra and was first posted in this thread. I decided to rewrite the guide a little and post some screen shots in hopes that it will help those who are having trouble getting this badge. I also have a video of this strategy in action, available here. Comments are welcome, it may not be a perfect guide, but it works pretty darned well.

Step 1

          Just like breakfast, the first few phases of this guide are the most important meal of the day. If you mess up or lose a cannon, its easy enough to restart. It may suck to lose 5-10 minutes of work, but that's better than the time and/or money hole that replacing lost turrets will put you in for the remainder of the game.
  1. Build 3 Ion Cannons In the top row
  2. Build 1 Bunker below the middle Ion Cannon

Step 2

           Your population is still low at this point so its better to build structures as you get the money.
  1. Build 2 Bunkers in the top row, 2 spaces in on each side
  2. Build 2 Ion Cannons in the top row, on either side the left Bunker

Step 3

          When upgrading your cannons its always best to go from most health to least. This will draw attacks away from damaged Cannons as the enemy attacks your "most dangerous" structures.
  1. Upgrade the 3 middle Ion Cannons 1x
  2. Research Adv. Economics

Step 4

          Did you forget what I told you about upgrading your Ion Cannons from most health to least? Well remember it again.
  1. Upgrade the 3 middle Ion Cannons 1x (Now Lvl 3)
  2. Place 3 Economy Centers in the last row

Step 5

          Now that you've got some money rolling in, its time to bring out the big guns. Missile Complexes are best at their highest upgrade level (which is 3). Because of this, it is almost always better to fully upgrade a Missile Complex before placing another.
  1. Research Nuclear Fusion and save your money
  2. Place 2 Missile Complexes in the first row, upgrading them 2x

Step 6

          Time for the rich to get richer...and more guns.
  1. Place 4 more Economy Centers in the bottom row
  2. Sell the top right Ion Cannon, replace with a Missile Complex and upgrade 2x
  3. Sell top left Ion Cannon, replace with a Missile Complex and upgrade 2x

Step 7

          Over half way there. If you've made it this far, you've got a lock on beating Apocalypse mode (barring any user error or acts of God).
  1. Sell both Bunkers in the top row
  2. Place Bunkers in the second row, 1 space apart
  3. Place Missile Complexes in the empty spots in the top row and upgrade them 2x

Step 8

          Pesky enemy missiles killing your population? Well, have we got a deal for you...
  1. Research Adv. Energy
  2. Place 2 Missile Complexes in the middle row, upgrade 2x
  3. Place 2 Missile Defenses in the bottom row, upgrade 1x

Step 9

          More money, more power.
  1. Place 2 Missile Complexes in the middle row, upgrade 2x
  2. Place 4 Economy Centers in bottom row

Step 10

          Now that you've got some population, let's make sure they're amply protected.
  1. Upgrade all Bunkers 1x
  2. Upgrade 3 Economic Centers 1x
  3. Place 2 Missile Defenses in the bottom row
  4. Place 2 Missile Complexes in the middle row, upgrade 2x
  5. Upgrade all Ion Cannons 1x (now max)
  6. Upgrade remaining Economy Centers 1x

Step 11

          With a nicely bloated military budget, you can buy just about anything...
  1. Research Planet Shield
  2. Upgrade all Missile Defenses to max
  3. Upgrade all Bunkers 2x (now max)

Step 12

          Time to turn up the heat.
  1. Replace all Economy Centers with Missile Complexes, upgrading to max as you go

Step 13
  1. Win.
          Okay so its not exactly a step, but 12 easy steps sounded too much like an AA meeting.

          I hope you enjoyed the guide and that it helped you get a new badge and 30 points. If you had problems, let me know, I'd love to make the guide 100% fool-proof.


DarlBobob said...

Thanks for your tips ;) If i can give you a rate, it should be the best :)

Stephen said...

I found upgrading the economic units right as I got them seemed to have me a little ahead of the curve of this strategy. Definitely a good strategy, but you might want to check that out if you plan on tweeking it for the future.

Yeknomssa said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys, and Stephen, some people have had luck doing it this way, others not so much. If you find a way to get it done reliably every time, let me know. I've toyed around with it, but without much success, that's why I haven't tweaked that part...yet :P

Emre said...

Very nice guide, it sure helped me. :)

Iceburg116 said...

Yes! I beat it solely using this guide (Well, I bended it a bit around Step 9 and so on) but you know what sucks? The second I beat the last ship the Kong Chat Light goes Red and so I didn't "earn" the Badge =/
However, I loved it, good job man ^^

Yeknomssa said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys, and iceburg, I'm sorry to hear about your red light troubles, that's always annoying. Would you mind commenting on how you "tweaked" step 9? I'm always curious about different ways to beat the game.

Iceburg116 said...

Through most of the guide I did exactly as you instructed, but around Step 9 I kinda strayed away. What I had done was add more Missile Complexes and Economy Centers when I could (As many as you said, but before you advised it)
And at the very beginning I had placed the two extra Ion Cannons at the very corner pieces and the Bunkers right below them. This time I followed your strategy to the tee but I got spammed but the shielded ships and I was utterly owned =/ I was doing about as good as I was last night but this time I didn't seem to have the right amount of firepower >.>
Oh, also, the "every other space" strategy you had with the Bunkers? I skipped that step on my tweaked play through. It woulda worked, had I the money to build them all ^^;

Iceburg116 said...

Typo correction: spammed by* the shielded ships. Had that happened I would have won, probably >_<

Doomcat said...

This worked for me perfectly without a single hitch the first time I tried. Just make sure to pause and check back here after every completed step. If you do it exactly like he says, you can't fail.

Anubis said...

Hey dude ! tnx for that really help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The13thclam said...

Very good guide, worked first time. I was severely tempted to say "WTF?!" a few times and do what I thought was best, but I'm glad I stuck to the guide. I did miss step 12 though. Those extra missile complexes would have come in handy. No matter, boss defeated.


Purple said...

a tip: on step 4, when you say to build 3 economic centers. building two and upgrading them is a far better solution, since a standard economic center gives you 0.0015 per million pop and an upgraded one gives you 0.004. one of them upgraded has alost as much impact as three of them non-upgraded. (0.004 vs 0.0045).
i'd say - build two and upgrade them. then move on to the next step.

Anonymous said...

For some reason your guide did not work for me i tried to beat the game 9 times but i always fail and die around step 8.

does anybody have an extra tip to beat the game?

Anonymous said...

For step 13, you should put: Research Robotics.

Amazing guide. Follow it to the letter.

Anonymous said...

Followed your guide to the letter and the game felt like i was playing it on easy , not apocalypse :) Thank you very much!

danielsouzat said...

Upgrade robotics, its only 200 and save your buildings on the start.

Anonymous said...

GREAT GUIDE! thanks so much. i did it first time and thought...hmm....will it work again? i played the game over on apoaclypse 4 more times and all of me won! =]

Jeremy said...

Pretty much fool-proof, I"ve completed the 12 steps and i'm waiting for the aliens to finish showing up to die. Only thing is that mid-game is much much easier if you upgrade economics instead of build new ones .0015B vs .004 seems like a pretty obvious choice

Aaron Charlton said...

Great guide! I'm just sitting here now in the missile spam waiting to win. The first two times I tried this strategy I followed them to the tee, ended up unlucky, and died around step 9 and 10. The third try, I upgraded every Economy Center as soon as I got them. This gave me enough cash early on to purchase and upgrade all that I needed. I even threw Robotics in at around Step 11.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hmmm... I started upgrading the economic centers around step 5, after I started researching nuclear fusion, while waiting for it to finish. I had to wait a wave or two to finish upgrading the second missile complex after that, but it worked fine :) After that I seemed to be a step ahead of the guide and didnt even need to build those last extra 4 econs (built the second set of four and immediately upgraded em)

Anonymous said...

very nice guide, just one thing to remark: its better to upgrade Economy Centers, as to build new ones

Anonymous said...

Awesome guide. I tweaked the beginning steps a little here and there and ended game with 5400 pop. Added a few more eco centers early and upgraded them, as well as added a few extra bunkers. Turned out really well. This strat was the foundation though. Well written and clearly shown. Awesome job!

Grassoff said...


Dwindlehop said...

An opening which never loses an ion cannon:
E- empty
I - ion
B - bunker

You will need to note the incoming ships and possibly mirror this alignment if the incoming ships are on the left side. If the first two ships are split just restart.

Build a Bunker left of the Ion as soon as you get $50.
Then another ion left of that bunker, then another bunker, and so on.

Put a bunker underneath each ion on the corner.

Upgrade your ions in the order: center, then least damaged corner, then remaining corner.

Good luck! I got over 5000M final pop (400k+ score) with this opening. Not my best opening, but pretty reliable!


Richard Kulisz said...

This is the stupidest most worthless walkthrough imaginable. I wouldn't be so harsh except everyone else is sending you love and adulation as if this strategy you made were the best thing since sliced bread. And you either never found a better strategy or you're faking never having found a better strategy.

Note, I routinely hit 5600M by game end, and I once hit over 5800M. Actually, I'm convinced it's possible to hit 6000M, which is the reason why I keep playing this game to see if I can beat it. Your being satisfied with 4000M is just pathetic.

Ugh, now I know why everyone's so self-abasing and adulates you. Because you're a contemptible slime worm that moderates his comments instead of reserving the moderation feature to kick people off after you've already told them three times to fuck off.