Friday, October 24, 2008

Bloons Tower Defense 3 Walkthrough

          Here is a guide for Bloons Tower Defense 3 hard badge. This is made by supergiantsfan. Sorry for the bad picture quality, hopefully you will be able to see. All credit goes to him. Enjoy! 
          IMPORTANT: Some maps require Road Spikes to complete with all lives, just do it whenever you need to. The numbers correspond to each different round. The numbers behind tower names are the number of towers you place, these corresponds with the pictures. Click any picture to see an enlarged version. 

1. Start out with a standard tack tower in the top left. Upgrade to faster shooting.
2. No new towers, just stay with it for now.
3. Sell your tack, and buy cannon. Place as shown. You will need to place road spikes to pop excess bloons until your cannon is fully upgraded.

4. Keep saving! =D
5. Keep saving.
6. Still save. >.>
7. Save XD
8. This is the spending round. At the end of the round, upgrade to bigger bombs.
9. At the end of this round, upgrade your first cannon with frag bombs.
10. At the end of this round, upgrade to extra range bombs.
11. No new towers. At the end of round, fully upgrade cannon (1) with missle launcher.
12. No new towers.
13. Add the end of this round, put in tack tower (2).

14. You’ll probably need some road spikes for this round. At the end, upgrade tack (2) with faster shooting.
15. Add the end of this round, upgrade to blades on tack (2).
16. No new towers.
17. Add tack (3) Add the end of this round, upgrade to super range.

18. Upgrade tack (3) with fast shooting ASAP. At the end of the round, upgrade tack (3) with blades.
19. Add tack (4) at the end of the round.

20. At the end of round, upgrade tack (4) with faster shooting.
21. At the end of this round, upgrade tack(4) with super range and blades. It is now fully upgraded.
22. No new towers.
23. Add tack (5) upgrade to faster shooting and blades.

24. No new towers.
25. Add Spike-O-Pult (6) and upgrade with faster reload. Set Spike-O-Pult (6) target priority to: last. THIS IS NECCESARY!

26. Upgrade Spike-O-Pult (6) with longer range.
27. Upgrade Spike-O-Pult (6) with Juggernaut.
28. Upgrade Spike-O-Pult (6) with multi-shot.

29. No new towers.
30. Add cannon (7)

31. Upgrade cannon (7) with bigger bombs.
32. Upgrade cannon (7) until it’s maxed.
33. No new towers. Save for a super monkey.
34. No new towers.
35. No new towers.
36. No new towers.
37. You will definitely need to use road spikes this round. Place some in front of the boss at the beginning, and just follow it to the end. Once the bloons get out of range and there’s still some bloons left, finish them off with spikes.
38. At the end of this round, add super monkey (8)! Yay!

39. Upgrade super monkey (8) with super range ASAP.
40. At the end of this round, upgrade super monkey (8) with epic range.
41. Add Spike-O-Pult (9). Upgrade with longer range + faster reload.
42. Use road spikes for this round. Fully upgrade Spike-O-Pult (9) at end.
43. Add tack (10) ASAP and upgrade to faster shooting and blades ASAP! Add tack (11) and upgrade with faster shooting at the end of this round.

44. Upgrade tack (11) with blades ASAP. Then add tack (12) and upgrade with blades and faster shooting ASAP. Then add tack (13) and upgrade faster shooting and blades ASAP.
45. Add tack (14) and tack (15) and upgrade faster shooting + blades. Then add tack (16).
46. Upgrade tack (14) (16) with max range, also finish upgrading tack (16) with faster shooting and blades. Add tack(17) and (18) and upgrade with faster shooting + blades.
47. Now just start adding tacks wherever you want and fully upgrade them. You should basically have free shot now, just keep adding those towers.
48. Add towers + upgrade
49. Add towers + upgrade
50. FINAL LVL! >:O Place road spikes at the end for safety if you want. Victory! This is what I ended with.

Enjoy your new badge!


Jalu said...

Best guide

doom1922 said...

Wow, great guide!

Anonymous said...

This doesn't seem to be working for me. I sell my tack tower at the end of level 2, without using spikes, and I only have 750$, not enough for a cannon, which is 785$

Anonymous said...

Useless.... stops working at point 2..

EsIeX3 said...

Oh hey,

I used map #3 because straight lines are really easy to abuse. I usually keep that first dart monkey and I buy a second. That usually lasts me the first ~10 levels without me having to do too much.

Anon said...

You must sell it at the end of LEVEL 3, anonymous.

hokage4354 said...

Really great guide hip. Attracted a lot of comments for sure.


Mike said...

Some confusion over whether he means the start or end of rounds (understandable, given the game itself isn't very clear about when a round starts or ends), but otherwise totally awesome, and made this a hell of a lot easier than it might have otherwise been.

Fax Paper said...

This is my idea of "a few tacks at the end for safety" :D

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work at all after point 2, even if I wait to sell after round three the blue bloons start coming and the lone tack tower can't stop all of them so a crappy walkthrough/guide. if you ask me.

George said...

Anon, I suppose you didn't read the part that says "IMPORTANT: Some maps require Road Spikes to complete with all lives, just do it whenever you need to."

And yes, the instructions are for the end of the round, unless he says otherwise.

Great guide, worked for me =D

Smully said...

Anyone know about Track 8 on Medium or hard without having to put road spikes down every 20 seconds?

Mischa said...

Beautiful. It worked for me.

Staight out of VA said...

worked fine for me so i dont know what yall are complaining about....and i added a monkey beacon at about level 40 and upgraded to monkey storm for the last levels......worth it!

Anonymous said...

I suggest buying a dart monkey at the beginning and giving it piercing darts. It works better and gives you about 50 more dollars to work with in the beginning. That gives you enough money to buy the cannon at the end of round two.

Iser said...

Exelent guide. It worked perfectly, thank you very much and contratulations :D

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work. At the end of level 2 can't sell tack tower to buy cannon, not enough money...

Anonymous said...

this would work but its better to start from the start with the dart monkey then upgrade and then go through the towers - its cheaper coz the road spikes cost 25 and only make 10 so u lose 15 every road spike u buy (if that makes sense)

as for the monkey beacon DO NOT buy it until u have the super monkey coz wen u upgrade and get to the monkey thing which wipes out everything, only use it wen theres a few gettin to the end of the path :]

Anonymous said...

Great guide 5 *'s

Anonymous said...

if youre having trouble with step 2 then dont upgrade it to faster shooting untill level one is over! then sell you tack shooter at the end of lvl 3 not 2, it worked fine for me!@

Anonymous said...

it worked like a charm ! sometimes i had to delay buying a tower by 1/2 lvls but it was no problem ^^ thanks for helping me with this guide

badboy said...
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Anonymous said...

Lol anonymous at the start after level 1 u upgrade ur tack to faster shooting, and only put the spikes at the very end IF you need it. Wait and see how many you need 2 use, or u'll lose money, worked perfect the way he said it.

martenp13 said...

realy good guide when i upgraded the super tower to the max so last lvl was wirhout spikles or ANYTHING LIKE THAT

SuperGiantsFan said...

Ok as the writer of this guide I really do need to stress this... If you look carefully you sell the Tack Tower at the end of level 3, not level 2. The guide works if you pay attention:] Sorry if it's confusing but it's not easy to tell you placement on these

Jay said...

dude ur guide worked like magic!!!!!!!!!!
grt guide!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic guide, I had over 3K left by the end of round 50 so I just splurged on tacks and beat the moabs plenty easily, before they even got half way.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone! I figured out how to put stuff on the road besides just the glue stuff, the spikes, and pineapple!!!! First, get something u can afford, don't click on the grass though. Then, instead on left-clicking, you right-click on the grass, then click on the road, and a tower is there!!!! (Oh, one slight detail, it only works in the 3rd bloons tower defense game.)

Anonymous said...

any1 hu cudnt get it 2 work, ur doing it rong. this guide is awesome

Anonymous said...

That MOAB got me. Tons of bloons got past, I should have put road spikes really close one after another. Oh well.

lorsieab2 said...

that wuz awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

Use your brains..
No you can't afford the cannon at the end of level 2 even if you don't use spikes. How do you solve it? Simple, do it 1 level later -.-

Great guide though, thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the guide. I finally got that badge. I had trouble with the second cannon, so I placed it elsewhere. I upgraded the Supermonkey more than the guide advised.

Celso Eusébio said...

Thanks man i made it thank to you :)

Anonymous said...

It didnt work around twice to sell the tack, and now I can't get frag bombs. Try to improve for the people who spam road spikes :3