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Amorphous+ Complete Guide


Your adversaries are cunning and relentless. They surround you, acting with the coordination of a directive hive-mind. They will shred you with teeth, dissolve you with acid, impale you with spikes, freeze you, burn you, crush you, devour you. They evolve and grow, mutating into terrible aberrations with overwhelming powers. They are filled with goo. They enjoy jazz. If you fail to annihilate them, surely they will multiply and smother the Earth. They are... AMORPHOUS.

–Excerpt from Jayisgames Review.

So you want to know how to beat Amorphous? Well, with this kind of game, it isn’t something I can lay on the line for you. All I can give you is strategy, and an overview of your enemies the best I can.


Gooples: Appears on every nest. They can merge with another Green Goople to form an Oozle. Killed with one hit.

Oozles: Is formed by two Green Gooples. It can merge with a Green Goople to form a Grey. Aims for you, and is killed in three hits.

Stickies: Appears on every nest. Cannot merge. Does not aim for you, and is killed in one hit. When killed, sprays yellow ooze that sticks to you for approximately 10 seconds and makes you slower.

Biters: Appears on every nest. It can merge with another biter to form a Horror. Aims for you and jumps at you, and is killed in one hit. It cannot attack when it is covered in Stickie goo.

Melties: Appears on every nest. It cannot merge. Aims for you, and is killed in one hit. When killed, sprays orange acid that kills most creatures, including you.

Clutters: Appears on every nest. It cannot merge. Aims for you, and shoots baby clutters, but does not get near you and cannot kill you, and is killed in one hit. When killed, its babies are set free, and they quickly turn into adults if not taken care of.

Inkies: Appears on Big Nest onwards. It cannot merge. Aims for you, and is killed in one hit. It is highly flammable. If touched by the player, it explodes and turns him or her blind for approximately 5 seconds. If their goo is touched, the creature will walk in a straight line for a short period of time.

Fuzzles: Appears on Big Nest onwards. It cannot merge. Aims for you and jumps, and is killed in one hit after shaving of hair in two hits. Acid shaves it completely, and Stickie goo does not impede it from attacking.

Sharps: Appears on Big Nest onwards. It cannot merge. Aims for you, and is killed in one hit. Is covered in retractable spikes which make it immune to any hazards including Grinders, but it does not use them when it feels safe.

Frosties: Appears on Huge nest. It cannot merge. Aims for you, and is killed in one hit, though it is not recommended because it freezes you. If the player manages to get frozen, spinning will free him or her.

Torchies: Appears on Huge nest. It cannot merge. Aims for you, and is killed in one hit, though it is not recommended to try while on fire since it explodes. It is put out by Stickie goo, acid, or being frozen. It will explode if it crashes with an Inkie.

Grays: Is formed by an Oozle and a Green Goople. It can merge with a Green Goople to form a Void Eater. Aims for you, and is killed in three hits when vulnerable. It is only vulnerable during the few seconds when it is in the process of shooting a spike. Can harden to be immune to sword attacks, acid, Grinders, etc…

Amalgams: Appears on every nest, though only when the quantity of gooples is around 100 or less. It cannot merge. Aims for you, and amount of hits to kill depends on size. It can absorb other Gooples, making it one sword hit bigger, and can separate in two occasions: upon growing too big, or upon being damaged. If it wanders out of boundaries, it still stays in the game and comes back in.

Grinders: Appears on Big Nest onwards. It cannot merge. Aims for you, and is killed in five hits when vulnerable. It can only be damaged if it crashes with another Grinder, if it rolls over acid or if it crashes against a hardened Grey, though there may be other methods. Cannot be killed by acid, and is immune to Stickie goo and Inkie goo.

Horrors: Is formed by two Biters. It cannot merge. Aims for you, and is killed in one hit when vulnerable. Can shoot spikes, which upon touching certain small Gooples turns them into Biters, and can send out small razors. When these are used, it becomes vulnerable. Is immune to acid, Stickie goo, etc., but not Grinders, Void Eaters, etc..

Void Eaters: Is formed by a Grey and a Green Goople. It cannot merge. Aims for you, and is killed in one hit. It has three attacks: it can shrink and pull all creatures towards itself then kill them with a shockwave; it can simply make a shockwave when the player is near, and it can charge and shoot a beam which attracts all creatures and kills them. Since it is normally inapproachable due to shockwaves, the best time to kill it would be when charging or while shooting the beam. It is unknown if it immune to acid or Stickie goo.

Queens: Appears on any nest. Aims for you, and is killed in one hit. Attacks by swinging one of its blades at you, and is easier to attack when this is dodged. It leaves behind small larvae that enter other Gooples and turn into Queens when she is killed.

Razor Queen: Appears at the end of any nest. Aims for you, is killed in five hits. Attacks in different ways: swings its blades at you, jams its blades into the ground and shoots spikes and spiked balls, lunges and swipes at you, swings its tail, throws little spiked Gooples on the floor who shoot spikes if you get too close, throws larva on the ground that burrow and jump at you. The only moment when she is most open to attack is when she lunges at the player. Also, if she is killed using no rewards, the player is given a key to the lock for a more powerful sword.

Amorphous+ Awards - All Awards Acquired

There are a hundred and ten awards...can you get them all?

Amorphous+ Awards - Defeat a new Gloople

The first row of awards in amorphous+ can be acquired by defeating each type of gloople for the first time, using your big-rear-end knife-ish sword, the Splat Master 3000. Splatting the Glooples with weapon rewards does not count. As there are only 17 awards per row in the awards menu, the 18th one is located on the second row. Yes, there are 18 different types of Glooples.

Amorphous+ Awards - Combos and Bounties

Red - Splatter 2 glooples that are forming together before they become an advanced form.
Yellow - Splatter 2 to 8 glooples in one swing. Use baby clutters to achieve this.
Teal - Play practice mode for 10 minutes.
Green - Score 20 to 300 points in one swing.

Amorphous+ Awards - Nests, Deaths and Time

Red - Clear single nests of each size - Small, Big, Huge.
Yellow - Get killed 10, 25, 50, 100 times.
Teal - Get killed in 5, 10, 15 different ways.
Green - Play the game for 5, 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes

Amorphous+ Awards - Scores and Survival

Red - Score 100, 200, 350, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 points before dying.
Yellow - Survive for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 minutes in bounty mode before getting splattered.

Amorphous+ Awards - Defeat Multiple Glooples

Similar to the first row, except that you need to kill lots of glooples for the awards. For the odd one on the first column in the 6th row, kill a Razor Queen twice.

Amorphous+ Awards - Miscellaneous

Red -
2. Pause game, wait 2 minutes before un-pausing the game.
3. Press the “N” key 5 times to change the music 5 times.
4. Acquire a score of 777. No more, no less.
5. Get mauled by a Biter at the edge of the screen. Loiter around the edge more often.
6. Don’t swing your big knife-ish sword for 30 seconds.
Yellow -
7. Intimidate a clutter off the screen. Keep moving towards one and towards the edge.
8. Splatter any Gloople while blinded by an Inkie.
9. Shove a Sharp off the screen by hitting it with your big knife-ish sword.
10. Slay any Gloople by reflecting a Sharp at them.
11. Shave off a Fuzzle’s fur off 3 times. It must be the same Fuzzle.
12. Put out 10 of a Torchies flaming tracks.
13. Parry 5 of a Queen’s attacks. Try not to get decapitated in the process.
14. Get 10 combos in a row. Best attempted early as the Glooples are not lethal.
15. Splatter 4 different kinds of Glooples in one swing.
16. Clear a nest without getting touched ever. Sticky goo and ink included.
Teal -
17. Clear a nest with a clutter baby still attached on to you.

Amorphous+ Awards - Dangerous Activities

1. Collide with an Inkie and survive through the blindness.
2. Get frozen by a Frostie and survive. Shake off the ice like you shake off baby Clutters.
3. Let a Torchie bump into something hard and explode. Stay away from the blast radius.
4. Survive a fire. Get naked, get burned, then dive into sticky goo to dose the flames.
5. Get bumped by Glooples 30 times.
6. Get completely covered in clutters. Can use this to get combos.
7. Get covered in sticky goo for one minute.
8. Slash your big knife-ish sword against some thing hard 50 times. Try hitting Sharps.

In short, battling the Razor Queen involve the following steps:
1. Get her to lunge at you, keep a distance.
2. When she opened her front claws, start dodging to the side.
3. Aim good and swing, try not to miss and hit her claws instead.
4. Flee, repeat the first step.
5. Try to survive her barrage of attacks during siege mode, by dodging and slicing.

- I hope this helped
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You can weaken a grinder with the grenade, exploding torche and your reactive suit exploding.